Say Thank You

Today, I used a Ruby Library that I did not personally create.

This library itself was incredibly complete. Documentation was clear, well written and thorough.  The library solved a hugely challenging problem. It was also entirely free, and the author expected no financial recompense. Downloading it meant that I was able to complete a difficult task in just a few lines of code, saving me a great deal of time and effort.

We often take open source software for granted. We’re happy to accept the cost benefits of FLOSS. We love that we get to use robust, powerful libraries and programs without having to open our wallets. On the whole though, we’re less keen to express gratitude to the men and women who sacrifice their free time to create them, however.

When was the last time you donated to someone’s GitTip or emailed a developer just to express your gratitude?

Next time you use someone else’s code, say thank you. It’s only polite.

About Matthew Hughes

Matthew Hughes is a software developer, student and freelance writer from Liverpool, England. He is seldom found without a cup of strong black coffee in his hand and absolutely adores his Macbook Pro and his camera. You should follow him at @matthewhughes.

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